Mass for Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, Year B

Here is Mass for Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Entrance Antiphon: Hosanna to the Son of David.  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel. Hosanna in the highest.  

The Commemoration of the Lord’s Entrance into Jerusalem.

Introduction and Blessing of Palms (to be distributed as you leave Mass). 

A Reading from the holy Gospel according to Mark 11:1-10. Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord. 

The Mass: First Reading; A reading from the prophet Isaiah 50:4-7. I did not cover my face against insult and spittle 

Response: Psalm 21. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?   

Second Reading: The reading from the letter to St Paul to the Philippians 2:6-11. He humbled himself but God raised him high.

Gospel Acclamation: Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory! Christ was humbler yet, even to accepting death, death on a cross. But God raised him high and gave him the name which is above all names. Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory!

Gospel: The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark. Shorter Version. Please pick up your palms as you leave Church. 

Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday 27th: Mass at Sacred Heart 5pm ( Damien Stewart RIP)  Live streamed. 

Sunday 28th: Mass at Sacred Heart 9.30pm (People of the Parishes), Live streamed. 

Mass at English Martyrs 11am (David Sheehan RIP). Live streamed.  

Monday 22nd: 10am  Mass from Sacred Heart. Live steamed

Tuesday 23rd: 1oam  Mass from Sacred Heart. Live Streamed.

Wednesday 24th 7pm: Public Mass from Sacred Heart. Live streamed. 

UPDATE ON STREAMING FROM SACRED HEART; Despite our best efforts and blood, sweat and tears, we are still having problems bringing a live stream from Sacred Heart. Mainly to do with cabling. Please bear with us while we try and find a solution. Sorry for inconvenience. Not sure whether we will be able to stream the Triduum and Easter Sunday. Please check with the parish website for the latest update. You can always use English Martyrs or St Joseph’s, Monks Kirby or St Marie’s.  

HOLY WEEK TRIDUUM: Please check Sacred Heart livestream may not be available. 

Holy Thursday – Mass of the Last Supper

6pm at English Martyrs (Carmen John RIP) Live streamed 

7.30pm at Sacred Heart. Live streamed check

7.30pm at St Joseph’s Monks Kirby. Live streamed

No Washing of Feet. Eucharistic Procession and Altar of Repose. 

Good Friday –  Celebration of the Lords Passion

3pm at English Martyrs. Live streamed.

7pm at Sacred Heart.   Live streamed. Check.

3pm at Monks Kirby.   Live steamed.

Simple Adoration of the Cross. Short Version of St John’s Passion.

Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday – The Resurrection of the Lord. 

Saturday 6.30pm at English Martyrs. Live streamed.

Saturday 8pm at Sacred Heart. Live streamed. Check.

Saturday 8.30pm at Monks Kirby. Live streamed 

No Blessing of Fire and Candle.

Sunday 9.30am at Sacred Heart (Clare Harford). Live streamed. Check. 

Sunday 11am at English Martyrs. Live streamed. 

Please book in with the Stewards if you are intending to come to the Triduum Services. The Services will be modified and shorted in line with the guidelines issued by our bishops. If you cannot attend the local services, you are invited to join the Archbishop online for the services at St Chad’s Cathedral.

Rest in Peace: Allan Hughes, Funeral Mass Tuesday April 6th at 1pm.Patrick Lennon, Service at Rainsbrook Friday 9th April at 1pm. Numbers restricted to family members. 

GIFT AID ENVELOPES AND PARISH GIVING – Your Envelopes are available for Collection this weekend at English Martyrs. Please collect them. If you would like to use Envelopes, please ask for a set. Sacred Heart envelopes have been delayed and will be made available when they arrive, hopefully soon. 

If you need a record of your Gift Aided donations e.g. for tax purposes, please contact

English Martyrs ; Caroline Deery 07768171146   

Sacred Heart: Diane Davies: 01788813263

Please consider giving by Standing Order and Gift Aid if you can. Forms will be available.  Thank you for your generous financial support of our Parishes.

Easter at Sacred Heart

You are welcome to join us for the Easter services 2018 at Sacred Heart. These are the services, with dates and times, together with details of what we will be singing.

The Last Supper by Lorenzo Monaco. Public domain.

Liturgy for Holy Thursday, Year B, Thursday March 29th at 7.30pm
Gathering: The glory of the cross we sing 238 (Tune 756)
Pen: Storrington 522
Ringing of bells
Gloria – Storrington 532
Psalm – Our blessing cup 55a
Gospel – 185 Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, Word of the Father, Son of God
Washing of the feet – Jesus, our teacher and our Lord, stopped to wash the feet of his disciples, and he told them: This is an example; just as I have done, so you must do. Verses: Cantor.
Gifts – Brother, sister let me serve you 924
Holy – 584 Storrington
Memorial Acclamation – 585 Storrington
Lamb of God – 590 Storrington
Comm – Eat this bread 633
Transfer to the Altar of Repose – Of the glorious body telling 247a
Stay with me 249

Duccio di Buoninsegna – Christ Before Pilate Again. (Public domain)

Liturgy for Good Friday, Year B, Friday March 30th at 7pm (not 3pm)
Good Friday – Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion
Gathering: Silence
Psalm: Father into your hands, I commend my spirit (Ps30,p31)
Acclamation: 185 Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, Word of the Father, Son of God
The reading of the Passion
Veneration of the Cross: This is the wood of the cross, followed by 251 O my people
253 Jesus Remember Me
Communion: Were you there when they crucified my Lord? 225
O sacred head ill-used 237
Going forth: Silence

Easter Vigil - St. Mary's, Holliston

Liturgy for Holy Saturday, Year B, Saturday March 31st at 8pm
Saturday – The Easter Vigil
The New Fire (outside the church)
The Exultet
First reading: Genesis 1:1-31
God saw all that he had made and indeed it was very good
Response during the reading: Evening came and morning came, the first day, and God saw that it was good, and God saw that it was good.
We sing: R/. Send forth your Spirit O Lord, and renew the face of the earth
Second reading: Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham is put to the test
Psalm: R/. Preserve me God, I take refuge in you
Third reading: Exodus 14:15-31
(Third reading in the missal)
Psalm from exodus 15 sung response and sung verses
R/: I will sing to the Lord, glorious his triumph
Fourth reading: Ezekiel 36:16-28
(Seventh reading in the missal)
Psalm 41/42 sung response and sung verses
R/: My soul is thirsting for the Lord, when shall I see him face to face
Gloria: Storrington 532
Priest’s acclamation: 261
Psalm/Acclamation: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia (p252 psalm book)
The Blessing of the Water: Springs of water
O living water 931
Gifts: Christ be our light 883a (Easter Vigil words)
Holy Holy: Storrington 584
Mem Acclamation: Storrington 585
Doxology: Traditional
Lamb of God: Storrington 590
Communion: Raise a song of gladness, peoples of the earth. Christ has come, bringing peace, Joy to every heart. Alleluia! Alleuia! Joy to every heart (x2) (Taize)
followed by Now the green blade riseth 278
Going forth: Thine be the glory 287

Two Disciples at the Tomb c1906 Henry Ossawa Tanner. (Public domain).

Liturgy for Easter Sunday, Year A, Sunday April 1st at 9.30am
Sunday – Easter Day
Gathering: Easter Alleluia 281
Penitential Rite: Storrington 522
Gloria: Storrington 523
Psalm: This day was made by the Lord: we rejoice and are glad (Ps 117, p42)
Sequence: 259 O flock of Christ
Acclamation: 261 Gospel Acclamation for Easter
Gifts: Christ the Lord is risen today 267 (273 for musicians)
Holy Holy: Storrington 584
Mem Acclamation: Storrington 585
Lamb of God: Storrington 590
Communion: Surrexit Christus 266
Now the green blade riseth 278
Going forth: Thine be the glory 287