Living Simply – Winter 2021


Living Simply – more challenging in Lockdown?

Lockdown and the various restrictions on where we go and what we do may be undermining some of the good habits we had adopted. We’re doing far more shopping online which generates more cardboard, bubble wrap, plastic packaging, not all of which can be recycled via our blue bins. So, what do you do with plastic bags such as bread wrappers, or with spent light bulbs – either low energy or old incandescent, or spent batteries. 

Think about what you can recycle.

Recycle Now is a really useful website which provides advice on what can be recycled and where using a postcode location finder tool. For example, “squidgy” plastic bags can be recycled at Sainsbury’s (Dunchurch Road); Tesco (Leicester Road) and Morrisons (Lutterworth); and low energy light bulbs should be recycled at Hunters Lane Waste Management Centre or Currys PC World. Old incandescent bulbs are not recyclable sadly.  At present, you may need to try to find space at home to store items until it’s possible to go to recycling hubs but try not to lose the will to recycle all you can.

Live Sustainably….banking

It’s hard to survive these days without a bank account – any organisation from government, to employers, utilities etc only want to deal with us via an account. How many of us then consider the ethical credentials of who we bank with? Do the banks which profit from managing our accounts use those profits in a sustainable and beneficial way? Time, perhaps, to ask a few questions and compare the credentials of banks such as Triodos , for example, with those of the main High Street banks. Ethical Consumer magazine conducted a review in August 2020 – it makes very interesting reading:

Live Sustainably….walk more

It’s also important to keep getting as much fresh air as possible during the cold months to reduce the chance of catching infections and to cut down on carbon emissions, by combining walking with essential errands.  For example, even if it’s easier and more comfortable to jump in the car to go to the supermarket on a cold day, if you can, why not walk there instead for smaller shopping trips that are manageable to carry/trolley home?

Live In Solidarity

Not seeing one another at church or in other settings has limited our opportunities to discuss the things that matter to us. It may also have limited our awareness of the fronts on which CAFOD is campaigning. Visit: to see how you can engage with ongoing initiatives around climate change, poverty, peace and human rights and much more. 

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Live Simply – Autumn Newsletter 2019


Living Simply 

It’s getting chillier. Heating will be on now in most households but at what temperature and what cost? Keep warm but try to save precious energy. Aim for a temperature during waking hours when at home of 20°C and turn heating off or much lower during sleeping hours. 

Rugby Town Centre may have a diminishing appeal in terms of conventional shopping but the success of St Andrew’s monthly Sustainable Saturdays and their Repair Cafe; the opening of Rugby Unwrapped; local craft shops and the twice-weekly market are all initiatives encouraging us to tweak our lifestyles and think about living more simply. 

Live Sustainably

The fight against plastic is being waged on many fronts. Friends of the Earth offers a helpful Living Without Plastic feature on its website. Link here:  

Tips include avoiding liquid shower gels and hand washes which come in plastic containers by using soap instead – but make it natural soap, that is chemical and palm oil free. Yes, it costs a bit more but it lasts and there is no single-use plastic packaging.

Recycle your crisp packets at St Andrew’s Church, Rugby.

Crisp packets are among several items which cannot be recycled via our blue bins. Terracycle has become a popular route to addressing this and other recycling challenges. St Andrew’s Church has adopted a Terracycle scheme to recycle Walkers Crisps packets. They are happy for people to add a single empty Walkers Crisp packet to their collection or a bundle. Just drop them in to the church next time you are in town. To learn more about Terracycle, go to this web address

Live In Solidarity

CAFOD highlights as part of its “Our Common Home” campaign, the dangers faced by those around the world who speak up. It says: “Criminalisation, death threats, and the killing of human rights defenders is increasing, especially in Latin America. These courageous people face huge daily risks to protect land and natural resources for poor landless communities to thrive. These people are also on the frontline of protecting our common home, a home we all share.  It is these defenders who are responding most acutely to ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’ and at the greatest personal cost.”

The support we provide with via our regular giving to CAFOD and around Fast Days is vital in helping these people.  How much more could we help by becoming better acquainted with their stories and by campaigning for them through our Government channels. Be informed, as well as generous – and act.

livesimply prayer

Pope Francis

Compassionate and loving God,
you created the world for us all to share,
a world of beauty and plenty.
Create in us a desire to live simply,
so that our lives may reflect your generosity.

Creator God,
You gave us responsibility for the earth,
a world of riches and delight.
Create in us a desire to live sustainably,
So that those who follow after us
May enjoy the fruits of your creation.

God of peace and justice,
you give us the capacity to change,
to bring about a world that mirrors your wisdom.
Create in us a desire to act in solidarity,
so that the pillars of injustice crumble
and those now crushed are set free.

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