Parish diary this week

File:Fr Pfettisheim Chemin de croix station XIII centered.jpg
Station of the cross, Saint Symphorian church of Pfettisheim, Bas-Rhin, France. (Public domain)

This is the parish diary this week:
Monday April 1st
First Communion Programme, 6pm in the Hall.
Mass at 7pm
Exposition until 8pm.
Tuesday April 2nd
No Mass
Wednesday April 3rd
Funeral of John McDermott at 11am, Sacred Heart Church.
Mass at 7pm
Thursday April 4th
Mass at 9.30am
Confirmation Group, 6pm to 7.30pm, hall.
Friday April 5th
Mass at 9.30am
Funeral of Kay Powell, 12.30pm at Rainsbrook Crematorium
Lent lunch in the hall at 12.15pm
Stations of the Cross at 7pm
Saturday April 6th
Mass of the Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year C at 5pm.
Sunday April 7th
Mass of the Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year C at 9.30am

Forthcoming events
Friday April 12th
Passover meal, 7pm in the hall.
Sunday June 2nd

Thursday June 6th
Parish meeting, 7.30pm in the hall
Sunday June 16th
First Communion
Thursday October 3rd
Parish meeting, 7.30pm in the hall

Worship and events this week

A Passover Meal will take place in the hall on Thursday.

These are the daily services this week:
Monday April 3rd – Mass at 7pm
Tuesday April 4th – Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion at 9.30am
Wednesday April 5th – Mass at 7pm
Thursday April 6th – Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion at 9.30am
Friday April 7th – Mass at 11.45am, followed by Lent lunch, and Vocations Mass with Rugby Catenians at 7.30pm.
Saturday April 8th – Palm Sunday Mass at 5pm.
Sunday April 9th – Palm Sunday Mass at 9.30am.
Parish diary for this week
Monday April 3rd – Monday Club, 2pm in the hall. All welcome.
Monday April 3rd – First Holy Communion group, Upper Room, 6pm to 7pm.
Wednesday April 5th – Deanery Penitential Service, St Marie’s Church, 7pm.
Thursday April 6th – Passover Meal in parish hall, 7.30pm.
Friday April 7th – Lent lunch in the hall, 12.15pm (Soup and bread, all welcome).
Saturday April 8th – 24 hours of adoration at St Marie’s begins at 10am
Forthcoming events
Friday April 14th – Rugby Walk of Witness. Meet in Jubilee Gardens, Regent Place at 9.45am.