Join us for Sunday worship

File:George Percy Jacomb-Hood - The Raising oter (1895).jpg
The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter by George Percy Jacomb-Hood, 1895. Public domain.

You are welcome to join us to celebrate the 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B at Sacred Heart Church. Mass will be on Sunday July 1st at 9.30am including a special liturgy for children. There will be an anticipated Mass on Saturday evening at 5pm. This is what we will be singing on Sunday:
Gathering: 892 The Lord hears the cry of the poor
Penitential Rite: 1012 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Gloria: 1013 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Psalm:  I will praise you Lord, you have rescued me (Ps29, p132)
Acclamation: 535 Mawby
Gifts: 603 Blest are you Lord, God of all creation
Holy Holy: 1014 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Mem Acclamation:
 1015 Mass of Christ the Saviour

Lamb of God: 1019 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Communion: This is the body of Christ, broken that we may be whole this cup as promised by God, true to his word, cradles our Lord, fruit for the good of the soul.
Going forth: 701 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

For the next few weeks, we will be using the Mass of Christ the Saviour by Dan Schutte.