Parish diary this week

St Agnes, Virgin and Martyr by Domenichino. (Public domain)

This is the parish diary this week:
Monday January 20th
Mass at 7pm
Exposition until 8pm in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
Tuesday January 21st (Feast of St Agnes)
No Mass today
Wednesday January 22nd
Mass at 7pm
Thursday January 23rd
Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion at 9.30am
Healing Prayer 6pm to 9pm
Friday January 24th (Feast of St Francis de Sales)
Mass at 9.30am
Saturday January 25th (Feast of the Conversion of St Paul)
Confessions at 4.40pm
Mass for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time at 5pm.
Sunday January 26th
Mass for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time at 9.30am.

Forthcoming events
Monday January 27th
First Communion programme, 6pm in the hall.
Wednesday January 29th
Open Door meets at 1.45pm in the hall. All welcome for tea and chat.
Thursday January 30th
Confirmation programme, 6pm in the hall.
Sunday May 3rd
Confirmation, 9.30am at Sacred Heart Church.
Sunday, 14th June
First Communion at 9.30am Mass.

Join us for Sunday worship

Image result for candle before icons of jesus christ
An icon of Jesus crucified, from St Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Desert, 13th century. (Public domain)

You are welcome to join us to celebrate the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C at Sacred Heart Church. Mass will be on Sunday February 24th at 9.30am. There will be an anticipated Mass on Saturday evening at 5pm. This is what we will be singing on Sunday:
Gathering: 898 Make me a channel of your peace
Penitential Rite: 1012 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Gloria: 1013 Mass of Christ the Saviour
The Lord is kind and merciful (Ps102, p62)
Acclamation: 534 Salisbury
Gifts: 886 For the healing of the nations
Holy Holy: 1014 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Mem Acclamation: 479 English Chants for the Order of the Mass
Lamb of God: 1019 Mass of Christ the Saviour
Communion: 772 Lord Jesus Christ
Going forth: 849 Freely, freely
We will be using the Mass of Christ the Saviour until the beginning of Lent.

Healing service

820be38c69837d081807f0408c39495d.jpg (340×544)
Jesus Christ the Healer.

There will be a healing service with anointing of the sick on Sunday May 7th at 3pm at Sacred Heart Church, Bilton. This is a celebration and time of prayer for those who feel a need of healing whether physical, emotional or mental. The sacrament of the sick is not only for those who are dying or seriously ill. It is for those who feel the need for the Lord’s help with wholeness to bring inner peace and strength. There will be refreshments after the service. Everyone is welcome.