Solemnity of All Saints

Mass for the Solemnity of All Saints.

Here is the Mass for the Solemnity of All Saints from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Entrance Antiphon: Let us all rejoice in the Lord, as we celebrate the feast day in honour of all the Saints, at whose festival the Angels rejoice and praise the Son of God.

First Reading: Apocalypse 7:2-2, 9-14: I saw a huge number, impossible to
count, of people from every nation, race, tribe and language.

Psalm Response: Ps 17: Such are those who seek your face, O Lord.

Second Reading: A reading from the first letter of St John: We shall see God as God really is.

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! Come to me, all of you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give your rest, says the Lord. Alleluia!

Gospel: Matthew 5: 1-12. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.

This Weekend: Retiring Collection for the Johnson Association (for the sick
and retired Clergy).

Monday is All Souls Day. We will not be celebrating public Mass on this day but Mass at SH on Wednesday 7pm and Thursday 10am at English Martyrs will be offered for the Holy Souls.

WEEKEND MASSES: Sacred Heart, Saturday 5pm (People of the Parish)
Sunday 9.30am (John Deery RIP). English Martyrs, Sunday 11am (Private Intention B). No Saturday Mass at present.

WEEKDAY MASSES: Wednesday 7pm in the Main Church at Sacred Heart.
Thursday 10am Mass at English Martyrs. Both Masses fulfil the Sunday
obligation. You don’t need to book for Masses. We can accommodate all who wish to come at present.

BAPTISMS: It is possible to celebrate infant baptisms again. Please contact us to arrange or rearrange the celebration of Baptism at English Martyrs or Sacred Heart. Please note the recent change which says that only SIX people can be present at the ceremony.

CONFESSIONS: If you wish to make your Confession, Sacrament of
Reconciliation, it is best to contact the Clergy to arrange a time and a suitable location.

REST IN PEACE; Please remember in prayer Joan Napp (SH) who has died
recently. Funeral Mass at SH, Tuesday 10th November at 3pm.

HOLY SOULS: Let us pray for the following who have died during the past year. English Martyrs: James McKee, Eamonn Mangan, Africa Osborne, Albert Randle, Mary McKeown, John Naylor, David Richardson.
Sacred Heart: Gerard Owen, Therina Moran, Susan Hammond, Elsie May
Lawrence, Wiktoria Mrowicki, Maureen Mc Dermott, John Sidwell, James
Smyth, Paula King, Josephine Dalton, Michael Wren.
May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace, Amen.

MASS INTENTIONS: We are happy to receive Mass Intentions for the departed souls or other intentions. Please place the stipend in an envelope with the name of the intention and place it with the Collection.

PRAYER FOR THE HOLY SOULS: Loving Father, we pray for all those we love who are no longer with us, who are now in your merciful embrace. We pray for their eternal rest. We pray for those who are left behind, who feel the pains of loss. We pray that we will be attentive to those who mourn, who may need some help from us, a loving word, a kind gesture. Death is the part of life we struggle with in our society. We don’t talk about it much. It is almost denied since for many people, there is only this life so the end of life is a disaster, a loss of everything. This is not the faith of the Church: Jesus died and rose again, he conquered death. Our friends and loved ones who have died have not disappeared. They live in the radiance of God, forgiven, loved, looked after. This is our comfort and our sure and certain hope. Amen

Parish diary this week

An Orthodox icon of All Saints (Public domain)

This is the parish diary this week:
Monday October 28th (Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles)
Mass at 7pm.
Exposition until 8pm in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
Tuesday October 29th
No Mass.
Wednesday October 30th
Open Door meeting, 1.45pm in the hall
Mass at 7pm.
Thursday October 31st
Mass at 7pm (Vigil of the Feast of All Saints)
Friday November 1st (Feast of All Saints)
Mass at 9.30am at English Martyrs Church, Hillmorton.
Mass at 7pm at St Joseph’s Church, Monks Kirby.
Mass at St Marie’s Church, Dunchurch Road, Rugby at 10am and 7pm.
Saturday November 2nd (Feast of All Souls)
Mass for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C at 5pm.
Sunday October 27th
Mass for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C at 9.30am.

Forthcoming events
Tuesday November 12th
Our Common Home – responding to the climate emergency and the world’s poor. A public Lecture organised by Rugby Inter-Faith Forum. The speaker is Christine Allen, director of Cafod. Christine was previously Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Christian Aid. Venue: Collingwood Centre, Rugby School, Oak Street (previously Bishop Wulstan School). The free car park entrance is in Barby Road CV22 5DZ. A simple vegetarian meal will be served at 6.30pm. The talk will begin at 7.30pm. Complimentary tea and coffee will be served. Cost: £7.50 is payable at the door. All proceeds beyond the meal to CAFOD. Please register your intention to come by emailing
Sunday May 3rd
Confirmation, 9.30am at Sacred Heart Church.

Parish diary this week

File:17th-century unknown painters - Synaxis of All Saints - WGA23504.jpg
The Synaxis of All Saints, anonymous Russian painter, Vatican Museum (Public domain).

This is the parish diary this week:
Monday October 29th
Mass at 7pm
Exposition until 8pm
Tuesday October 30th
No Mass
Wednesday October 31st
Mass at 7pm (Vigil Mass of All Saints)
UCM meeting in church hall, 7.45pm
Thursday November 1st
Mass at 7pm (Feast of All Saints)
Friday November 2nd
Mass at 9.30am (Feast of All Souls)
Saturday November 3rd
Mass for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B at 5pm.
Sunday November 4th
Mass for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B at 9.30am
Forthcoming events
Wednesday November 7th
Save the Children Coffee Day, Sacred Heart Hall from 10am to 3pm.
Thursday November 22nd
Parish meeting, 7.30pm in the hall to discuss Bishop’s Visitation in March.
Sunday June 2nd 2019
Sunday June 16th 2019
First Communion

Parish diary this week

A view from the lectern at Sacred Heart Church.

These are the daily services this week:
Monday October 30th – Mass at 7pm followed by Exposition until 8pm
Tuesday October 31st – No Mass
Wednesday November 1st – Mass at 7pm (Feast of All Saints)
Thursday November 2nd – Mass at 9.30am (Feast of All Souls)
Friday November 3rd – Mass at 9.30am
Saturday November 4th – Mass for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time of Year A at 5pm
Sunday November 5th – Mass for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time of Year A at 9.30am
Parish diary for this week
Monday October 30th – Monday Club meets in the hall at 2pm. All welcome.
Tuesday October 31st – Vigil Mass for All Saints at 7pm at English Martyrs’ Church, Hillmorton.
Wednesday November 1st – Mass for All Saints at St Marie’s Church, Rugby at 10am and 7pm. Mass at English Martyrs’ School, Hillmorton at 9.30am.
Forthcoming events
Weekend of November 4th and 5th – Cafod Christmas cards on sale after Masses at Sacred Heart.
Wednesday November 8th – Coffee morning for Save the Children, 10am to 3pm, Sacred Heart Hall.
Sunday November 26th – Exposition and Rosary at St Peter’s Church, Leamington, 3pm to 4pm to mark end of Centenary Year of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima.
Sunday November 26th – Meeting for parents and candidates for confirmation after 9.30am Mass.
Monday November 27th – Meeting for First Communion parents and children, Sacred Heart Hall at 6pm.
Thursday November 30th – Confirmation group meets at 6.30pm in the hall.
Sunday April 22nd 2018 – Confirmation celebrated by Bishop William Kenny, 9.30am, Sacred Heart.
Sunday June 17th 2018 – First Communion celebration, 9.30am, Sacred Heart.

Worship and events this week

The statue of Mary, the Mother of God, at Sacred Heart Church.

These are the daily services this week:
Monday October 31st – Mass at 7pm
Tuesday November 1st – Mass at 7pm (Feast of All Saints)
Wednesday November 2nd – Mass at 7pm (Feast of All Souls)
Thursday November 3rd – Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion at 9.30am
Friday November 4th – Mass at 9.30am (Feast of St Charles Borromeo)
Saturday November 5th – Mass at 5pm (32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C)
Sunday November 6th – Mass at 9.30am (32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C)
Parish diary for this week
Monday October 31st – Requiem Mass for Fran Turner, 11.30am at Sacred Heart Church.
Monday October 31st – Monday Club meets in the hall, 2pm. All senior parishioners welcome.
Tuesday November 1st – All Saints’ Day Mass at English Martyrs at 9.15am, at St Marie’s Church at 10am and 7pm.
Forthcoming events

Sunday November 13th – Registration meeting for confirmation candidates after 9.30am Mass.
November 17th to 19th – Retreat in the Year of Mercy, 6pm to 9pm each day led by Fr Jimmy Browne IC.
Wednesday November 30th – UCM mince pie evening, Sacred Heart Church Hall.
Sunday February 19th 2017 – Confirmation with Archbishop Bernard.