Previous Living Faith talks

11th series of Living Faith talks 2014

IMG_1006The 11th series of Living Faith talks has concluded at Sacred Heart parish. Brendan Callaghan, SJ, the Principal of Heythrop College, gave the final talk. This year’s theme was ‘Renewal of the Church’, inspired by the reforms which Pope Francis is seeking to bring about. David McLoughlin, Sister Margaret Walsh and Bishop David McGough were the other speakers.
10th series of Living Faith talks 2013

The Archbishop of Birmingham, the Most Rev Bernard Longley, gave the final address in our tenth series of Living Faith talks which took place in the Autumn on 2013 in the parish hall. The theme was Spirituality. Paul Nicholson, SJ, spoke on Kingdom Spirituality on Thursday October 10. Sister Francisca Rumsey, PCC, talked about Franciscan Spirituality on Thursday October 17. Pat Gaffney talked about Peace Spirituality on Thursday October 24 and Archbishop Bernard Longley spoke on Ecumenical Spirituality on Thursday October 31. More than 50 people attended each of the events.

9th series of Living Faith talks 2012
The 9th series of Autumn talks and discussions took place at Sacred Heart Church in 2012. The evenings begin with a meal at 7pm. The last two series of Living Faith talks have been leading up to this year which marks the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. It was convened by John XXIII to look at the sources of faith and re-express it in the changed circumstances of the modern world. For him the emphasis was on ‘internal reform’ to present a better view to the world. As one of its documents reminded us, Christ calls the Church to continual reformation. The inspiring teaching that emerged after four sessions (1962-1965) raised enormous expectations.

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