Party Christmas Party 2016
Parishioners gathered in December for a Sunday afternoon party in the run-up to Christmas. Click here for a report.

Changes to Mass Times
The time for Saturday Mass is changing at Sacred Heart Church from June 4th 2016. Mass will be celebrated at 5pm at Sacred Heart, 6pm at St Marie’s and 6.30pm at English Martyrs. This is to ensure more flexibility for the clergy in providing Masses at the three parishes.

Easter Vigil at Sacred Heart 2016
These are some pictures from the Easter Vigil service in March 2016. They show parish priest Father Gerry Murray officiating at the Vigil, and the people following the Easter candle into the darkened church.

 Christmas Party 2015
DSC_1208 DSC_1207
Parishioners gathered in December 2015 for an enjoyable Christmas tea in the parish hall. There was a delicious shared table of savoury and sweet snacks, good company and conversation, along with seasonal music provided by the parish music group.

Living Faith talks at Sacred Heart, 2014


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