Welcome to our Celebrate section which highlights reasons for celebration among Sacred Heart parishioners. Please tell us about your births, birthdays, baptisms, weddings, wedding anniversaries and any other special achievements. If you would like to add any information, please email the webmaster.

First Communion (2006)
May 14 2006 – Guido Blee, Siobhan Bradley, Megan Curley, Grace O’Gorman, Daniel Marshall, Tomas Marshall, Jacob Palmer, Charlotte Tuite-Dalton, Alice Waters, William Waters.
Confirmation (2006)
May 20 2006 – Charlotte Hayley, Matthew Hayley, Robert Green, Charlotte Cooper, Naomi Hunter, Hannah Baldwin, Astrid Blee, Anna Russell, Sherwin Fernando, Alan Beards.
First Communion (2007)
Molly Courage, Patrick McGrellis, Dominic Birch, Mateusz Hulme, Charlotte Hudson, Karla Bailie, Lara Ardianna, James Fry, Caitlin Price, Troy Loveridge.
Confirmation (2007)
Christian Birch, Finbar Danagher, Michael Durkin, Beth Foster, Robert Mansfield, William Mansfield, Colin Overend, Ciaran Overend, James Price.
First Communion (2008)
Prudence Anaele, Molly Billings, Harrison Billings, Ella Palmer, Grace Marie Pelloquin, Sophie Craddock, Danny Uruchurtu, Martin Warburton.
First Communion (2009)
Alice Watkin, Rachel O’Connor, Gabriel Howes, Nicholas Fry, Daniel del Arturo, Thomas Claydon, Edward Wiltshire, Benedict Wiltshire.
Confirmation (2009)
Grace O’Gorman, Molly Courage, Jacqueline Dall, Amy Green, Guido Blee and Jacob Palmer.
First Communion (2010)
Oliver Baldwin, Edward Claydon, Sean Fernando, Madeleine Kingston, Ruby Lewis, Helen Warburton.
Confirmation (2010)
Dominic Birch, Daniel del Corral, James Fry, Mateusz Hulme, Troy Loveridge, Caitlin Price, Edward Wiltshire, Liz Fry.
First Communion (2011)
Emily Browning, Katherine Kingston, Freya Humphrys, Eoin Hutton, Dan Tran, Oliver Woodcock, Caleb Woodcock.
Confirmation (2011)
Ella Palmer, Thomas Claydon, Finn Hutton, Martin Warburton.
First Communion (2012)
Michael and Izzy Dardis, Thomas and Billie Dall, Mairead Williams, Katie Clark, Oliver Eyles, Rosanna Thomas, Erin Moran, Katie Sandilands.
Confirmation (2013)
Edward Claydon, Sophie Craddock, Oliver Baldwin, Cian Hutton, Sean Fernando, Maddie Kingston, Helen Warburton, Walker Grevel, Friedrick Grevel and Witiko Grevel.
Confirmation (2014)
Emily Warrington, Eoin Hutton, Katie Sandilands, Ellis Asher and Emily Gambrell.
First Communion (2014)
Annabel Browning, Amelia Ciepiela, Laurie Guard, Matthew Natawidjaja, Rosie O’Reilly, Thomas O’Reilliy, Julia Ozog and Yasmine Warrington.
Confirmation (2015)
Emily Browning, Katie Clarke, Izzy Dardis, Michael Dardis, Katherine Kingston, Dan Tran, Jennifer Dall, Billy Dall, Thomas Dall, Bartosz Renosik, Dan Tran and Benedict Wiltshire.
First Communion (2015)
Lexi Asher, Lauren Bach, Charlie Billings, Ethan Capelet, James Clark, Rosie Guard, Paola Hermandez, Lucy Kingston, Joseph Knott, Joseph O’Reilly, Kamil Renosik, Salesia Salvio, Hugo Sandilands, Katja Schock-Simons, Jemima Teeton and Anton Tran.
First Communion (2016)
Jamie Capelett, Evie Natawidjaja, Mathis Pritchard, Linneil Hennessay, Milly Ogburn-Storey and Flynn Ridgway.
First Communion (2017)
George Billings, Eve Clark, Harriet Fisher, Liliana Haron, Melissa Haron, Nicola Hubar, Lena Korekwa, Marco Rodriguez, Delilah Rose Teeton, Naomi Vonledebur, Ava Williams.
Confirmation (2018)
Laurence Guard, Rosie Guard, Sanin Salvio, Salesia Salvio, Joseph O’Reilly, Alejandra Montiel, Ethan Capelett, Jemima Teeton, Hugo Sandilands, James Clark.

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