Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary time, Year C

Sat  16thSH 5.00 p.m. People of the Parishes
Sun  17thSH 
9.30 am 
11.00 am
Fr Louis McRaye RIP (A) 
Angela Robinson RIP 
Mon  18thSH 10.00 am No Mass Today 
Tues  19thSH 10.00 a.m. Richard Clark Ints
Wed  20thSH 7.00 p.m. Marie Murphy Ints
Thurs  21stEM  
11.00 a.m.  10.00 a.m.School Leavers  
Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion
Fri  22ndSH 7.00pm No Mass Today 
Sat 23rdSH 5.00 p.m. Chantel Young RIP
Sun 24thSH  
9.30 a.m.  
11.00 a.m.
People of the Parishes 
Celebrants Intentions

CONFESSIONS : It has been difficult to set a specific regular time for Confession. Please feel  free to arrange a time. Fr Gerry is usually available at Sacred Heart on Saturday evenings  from 4.15pm or after weekday Masses.  

MASS ONLINE—LIVESTREAM. We will be continuing to livestream the Sunday 11 am Mass  from English Martyrs for the benefit for those who are housebound or unable to attend  Mass in person. We hope it is helpful. You can even watch it on your holidays!  

The Mass online from Sacred Heart has proved more unreliable technically and we will sus pend it for the moment. We will resume it in future should the need arise in the light of de velopments in the Covid situation. 

Sacred Heart Safeguarding Officer: Sue Leary Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube: Sacred Heart, Bilton  Email: Parish Office for both parishes open:  Tuesday and Friday 9.30 am to 12.00.English Martyrs Safeguarding Officer: Marie Kane Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube -English Martyrs RC Parish Rugby Email: English Martyrs Primary School Tel 01788 543432
Parish Team Canon Gerard Murray, Deacon Lionel Pelloquin, Fr Graham Venn IC (in residence). Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered as a charity no. 234216

REFRESHMENTS AFTER SUNDAY MASS AT SACRED HEART – Many thanks to those who  volunteered. A new rota is available in the narthex today. Please take one and arrange a  swop if you cannot do the Sunday allocated. It’s a good opportunity to meet other  parishioners and make new friends. All parishioners and visitors are welcome any time. 

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION AT SACRED HEART— Twenty children from SH and EM  celebrated First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart yesterday . It was a very special  occasion and many thanks to all who were involved. We pray for them and their families. 

Our thanks to the teams of Catechists for their dedication this year in preparing more than  40 children from the area who are not in Catholic school for the sacraments of Reconcilia tion, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Let us not forget the work of English Mar tyrs School in sacramental preparation too. This is an important part of the mission of the  Church in our area reaching out to the children and their families. May God bless you.  

UKRAINIAN REFUGEES IN RUGBY AREA—Our Coffee Morning each Wednesday has  fulfilled its purpose as our Group has now formed a committee and are able to offer each  other support and friendship. Because members are living in Rugby and surrounding  villages transport has been difficult and a venue has been found at the Methodist Centre in  town on a Saturday morning from 10 until 12. noon. We have enjoyed meeting  participants and their hosts and will continue to keep in touch so that we can offer any  support in the future. Many thanks to parishioners who helped with this venture.  

APF MISSIO RED MISSION COLLECTION BOXES AT SH—Please bring your boxes to church  for counting by July 17th and leave them in the narthex for Jim Leary 813185. Call if you  need it collected from home. If you would like a box please take on of the empty ones and  put your name on it. 

CHILDRENS’ LITURGY—WE WILL BE TAKING A BREAK OVER THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS.  This Sunday will be the last session until September when the schools go back. We still  look forward to seeing you at Mass when you are at home during the summer. There are  some story books available in the drawers in the narthex for use with younger children.  Our team look forward to seeing you all in September and hearing all your news. 

ENGLISH MARTYRS; Fr Robert Verrill OP will be celebrating a Mass on Saturday 30th July  at 10.30am on the 25th anniversary of the death of his Father. You are very welcome to  join the family for this special occasion. 

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