Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Sat 2nd SH 5.00 p.m. People of the Parish 
Sun 3rd SH 
9.30 am 
11.00 am
Gene Maher RIP 
Geoff Jackson RIP
Mon  4thSH 10.00 am No Mass today
Tues  5thSH 10.00 a.m. No Mass today
Wed  6thSH 7.00 p.m. No Mass today Fr Leo Joppe Anniversary RIP 1998 
Thurs  7thEM  SH11.00 a.m.  
10.00 a.m.
Celebrant’s Intention 
Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion
Fri  8thSH 7.00pm No Mass today
Sat 9thSH 5.00 p.m. Brian Campbell RIP (Clarke)
Sun 10thSH  EM9.30 a.m.  11.00 a.m.Eustace Motayne (99th Birthday) Bridie Hamm RIP

ENGLISH MARTYRS SUMMER FETE last Saturday was a great success and raised £2,475.  Many thanks to all who organised this event and all who supported it in any way. 

CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to Amanda Bale and Keith Dawes who were mar ried at English Martyrs on Saturday.  

CONFESSIONS : It has been difficult to set a specific regular time for Confession. Please feel  free to arrange a time. Fr Gerry is usually available at Sacred Heart on Saturday evenings  from 4.15pm or after weekday Masses.  

Next Sunday is Sea Sunday and there will be a collection for the Apostleship of the Sea  now called Stella Maris, in both parishes.

Sacred Heart Safeguarding Officer: Sue Leary Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube: Sacred Heart, Bilton  Email: Parish Office for both parishes open:  Tuesday and Thursday 9.30 am to 12.00.English Martyrs Safeguarding Officer: Marie Kane Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube -English Martyrs RC Parish Rugby Email: English Martyrs Primary School Tel 01788 543432
Parish Team Canon Gerard Murray, Deacon Lionel Pelloquin, Fr Graham Venn IC (in residence). Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered as a charity no. 234216

ALTAR SERVERS—At Sacred Heart and English Martyrs our number of servers has greatly  reduced. We are grateful to those who have been able to continue serving. We welcome  any boys and girls who have made their First Holy Communion and would like to serve reg ularly at our weekend Masses. Full training and guidance will be given. Please let Fr Gerry or Deacon Lionel know if you would like to take up serving. 

REFRESHMENTS AFTER SUNDAY MASS AT SACRED HEART – After a long period during  Covid when we couldn’t meet after Mass we have now resumed. Two or three families  have been providing coffee etc on an ad hoc basis and we are very grateful to them. It  

would be great to involve more people/families in this activity. If you would be willing to  help on a rota system please sign up on the list in the narthex today. If we get sufficient  volunteers it would probably mean helping once every six or seven weeks.  It’s a good opportunity to meet other parishioners and make new friends.  

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION AT SACRED HEART— Fourteen children from SH and EM Ar eas celebrated First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart last Sunday . It was a very special oc casion and many thanks to all who were involved. Good to see the church full to capacity. 

First Holy Communion (Group 2) – Next meeting for children will be on Thursday, 7th July  at 6 pm in the Hall. First Communion for these 20 children will be on Saturday, 16th July at  2 pm. 

UKRAINIAN REFUGEES IN RUGBY AREA—Sacred Heart Parish runs a Coffee Morning each  Wednesday from 10 until 12 noon for members of refugee families and their hosts. For  more information contact Diane on 07951177910) 

APF MISSIO RED MISSION COLLECTION BOXES AT SH—Please bring your boxes to church  for counting by July 17th and leave them in the narthex for Jim Leary 813185. Call if you  need it collected from home. If you would like a box please take on of the empty ones and  put your name on it. 


Seafarer and fishers play a vital role in all of our lives, but they often work in difficult, hazardous condi tions. In the last year more crews have been abandoned by their employers than ever before. Many are  still being denied the right to leave their ships for even a short break away from the relentless noise and  pressure on board. Many are reporting more stress and poorer mental health.  

Sea Sunday is when the Church prays for all those who live and work on the sea. Our support in the collec tion will help make a difference to seafarers and fishers in need. You can donate in Church or via This collection will help Stella Maris continue their important work of  spiritually and pastorally befriending and helping those who live and work at sea.

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