Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity — Year C

Sat  11th EM 
11.00 am  
5.00pm LS
First Holy Communion Mass  
Mary Burrows (Get Well)
Sun  12th SH 
9.30 am 
11.00 am LS 
DS (Birthday) 
Shirley Petras RIP  
Mon  13thSH 10.00 am LS People of the Parish
Tues  14thSH 10.00 am. LS Pauline and Simon Craddock ( 25th Wedding Anniversary)
Wed  15th SH 7.00 pm. LS Celebrants Intention 
Thurs  16thEM 
11 am  
10.00 am 
Private Intention  
Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion
Fri  17thSH 7.00pm LS Sick and Infirm of the Parishes
Sat 18thSH 5pm LS Day for Life—Care of the Elderly 
Sun 19thSH  
9.30 am  
11.00 am LS
For the People of the Parishes 
Joe Comerford RIP

Next Sunday there will be a collection at both parishes for the Day of Life . The theme this year is  Care of the Elderly   

Across: We are looking for helpers and nurses to travel to Lourdes to help make  “the impossible possible” for our wonderful VIPs. We have various pilgrimage dates  available and have subsidies available for nurses and young helpers (aged 16-25 in full  time education). Please call the office on 020 3542 1800 for more information. 

LIVESTREAM : We are suspending the livestream of the Saturday evening Mass at SH.  

We will be continuing the Livestream from EM at 11 am on Sunday . For the present we are livestreaming the  weekday Masses from SH at the published times. It is good to see that so many of the parishioners from both par ishes are confident enough to attend Mass in person. 

Sacred Heart Safeguarding Officer: Sue Leary Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube: Sacred Heart, Bilton  Email: Parish Office for both parishes open:  Tuesday and Friday 9.30 am to 12.00.English Martyrs Safeguarding Officer: Marie Kane Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube -English Martyrs RC Parish Rugby Email: English Martyrs Primary School Tel 01788 543432
Parish Team Canon Gerard Murray, Deacon Lionel Pelloquin. Fr Graham Venn IC in residence  Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered as a charity no. 234216

Opening hymn at Sacred Heart : Song of the Trinity by Mike Stanley  

Father I know that your love for me knows no bounds.  

When darkness has fallen your voice from the heavens resounds.  

Saying trust and believe come and walk on my road to its end.  

Take me home Father, Spirit and Son, my Master and friend.  

Spirit, I know that your truth is spoken each day.  

But power and greed change the creed, leaving truth to decay.  

So let the heavens resound with Hosanna to you, Holy One.  

For in you Father, Spirit and Son the battle is won.  

Jesus, I know that your love for me has no end.  

My faith growing stronger each day that on you I depend.  

When my doubting subsides when I’m finally brought to my knees;  

Through my prayer, Father, Spirit and Son your grace is revealed  

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION AT SH = Please pray for the Children and their Families.  First Holy Communion (1st Group)  

The next session for Children will be on 13th June at 6pm in the Hall.  

First Communion for this group is on Sunday 26th June at 9.30am Mass.  

First Holy Communion (2nd Group)  

Next meeting for children will be on Thursday 16th June at 6pm in the Hall. Please remember to  bring your folder and pencil case. Next Saturday, 18th June they will be celebrating the Sacrament  of Reconciliation at 10am. First Communion for this group will be on Saturday, 16th July at 2pm.  

RUGBY LIFE SHOP in Sheep Street is in urgent need of our support. They would welcome dona tions of clothes in good condition, men’s particularly. Bric-a-brac or unwanted gifts.  LIFE is a Pregnancy Support Charity helping babies, mothers and families. In 2021 LIFE helped near ly 70k people in different ways, housed 422 babies and mothers and gave emotional support  around pregnancy and pregnancy loss to over 5000 people.  

UKRAINIAN REFUGEES IN RUGBY AREA – Sacred Heart Parish has begun to run a Coffee Morning  and other refreshments on Wednesday mornings each week at 10am to 12 noon for members of  refugee families and their hosts. For more information please contact Diane on 07951177910.  

ALTAR SERVERS— At Sacred Heart and English Martyrs our number of Servers available has re duced a lot. We are very grateful to those who have been able to continue serving. We welcome  any boys or girls who have made their First Holy Communion and would like to serve regularly at  our weekend Masses. Full training and guidance will be give. Please let Fr Gerry or Deacon Lionel  know if you would like to take up serving.  

CAR PARKING AT ENGLISH MARTYRS WEEKEND MASS TIMES : From now on we will be using the  School Car Park directly at the end of the Drive. Please always park considerately allowing ease of  entry and exit to other users and in such a way as all the spaces can be used.  ENGLISH MARTYRS SUMMER FETE 2022 — Saturday 25th June from noon until 3.30 pm on the  school field. Donations of bottles for one bottle tombola, cakes, chocolate , toys and books are  wanted. If you can help with a stall or setting up, clearing up on the day please contact Caroline  on 07768171146. Raffle tickets will be available after Mass in the coming weeks, £2.50 a book or  50p each, some great prizes to be won. All welcome from both Parishes.

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