29th May 2022 Seventh Sunday of Easter — Year C
Sat  28th SH 5.00pm LS Tom Collins RIP
Sun  29th SH 
9.30 am 
11.00 am LS 
People of the Parishes 
Maureen McLoughlin RIP  
Mon  30thSH 10.00 am LS For the Parishioners of SH and EM (Johnson Fund)
Tues  31stSH 10.00 am. LS Johnson Fund Benefactors
Wed  1st Jun SH 
7.00 pm. LS 
2.00 pm 
For Peace and Justice in Ukraine 
Service for Thomas Collins at Rainsbrook . RIP 
Thurs  2nd EM 
11 am   
Jean Rose (Birthday)
Fri  3rdSH 7.00pm LS Sick and infirm of the Parishes
Sat 4thSH 5pm LS People of the Parishes
Sun 5thSH  
9.30 am  
11.00 am LS
Leah and Ciari and their family 
Charlie Russell RIP 

LIVESTREAM : There continue to be problems with the Saturday evening Livestream from SH. If this happens you can watch the Livestream from EM at 11 am on Sunday which seems more re liable. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

NEXT SUNDAY PENTECOST SUNDAY—we will be celebrating the Baptism, Confirmation and First  Communion of Leah and Ciari , two young women who wish to become members of the Church.  The ceremony will be incorporated into the Sunday Mass. No full immersion Baptism I’m afraid  (relieved). Please support them with your prayers and presence as they take this important step.  

REST IN PEACE : please pray for Tom Collins and baby Barnaby Smith who have died recently. Re membering too all those who are mourning their sad loss. 

Sacred Heart Safeguarding Officer: Sue Leary Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube: Sacred Heart, Bilton  Email: Parish Office for both parishes open:  Tuesday and Friday 9.30 am to 12.00.English Martyrs Safeguarding Officer: Marie Kane Tel. 01788 813263 YouTube -English Martyrs RC Parish Rugby Email: English Martyrs Primary School Tel 01788 543432
Parish Team Canon Gerard Murray, Deacon Lionel Pelloquin. Fr Graham Venn IC in residence  Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered as a charity no. 234216

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION AT SH = Please pray for the Children and their Families.  

First Holy Communion (1st Group)  

The next session for Children will be on 13th June at 6pm in the Hall.  

First Communion for this group is on Sunday 26th June at 9.30am Mass. 

First Holy Communion (2nd Group)  

Next meeting for children will be on Thursday 9th June at 6pm in the Hall. Please remember to  bring your folder and pencil case. First Communion for this group will be on Saturday, 16th July  at 2pm.  

English Martyrs First Holy Communion will be celebrated on Saturday 11th June at 11am.  RETURNNG TO MASS FROM PENTECOST—MESSAGE FROM THE BISHOPS CONFERENCE  

We therefore believe that the reasons which have prevented Catholics from attending Mass on  Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation no longer apply. We understand there will still be some  members of our congregations who, for reasons of health, do not feel safe enough to return to  Mass. It has always been the understanding of the Church that when the freedom of any Catholic  to attend Mass in person is impeded for a serious reason, because of situations such as ill health,  care for the sick or legitimate fear, this is not a breach of the Sunday Obligation. It is intended that  this Sunday Obligation should return from Pentecost Sunday celebrated on 5th June.  

UKRAINIAN REFUGEES IN RUGBY AREA – Sacred Heart Parish has begun to run a Coffee Morning  and other refreshments on Wednesday mornings each week at 10am to 12 noon for members of  refugee families and their hosts. We are able to offer a safe and welcoming place where people can  gather to support one another at this difficult time and support and help can be offered or ar ranged as needed. Offers of help welcome to make drinks and provide small cakes or traybakes. If  you would like to help please contact Diane on 07951177910.  

CAR PARKING AT ENGLISH MARTYRS WEEKEND MASS TIMES : From this weekend we will be us ing the School Car Park directly at the end of the Drive. Please always park considerately allowing  ease of entry and exit to other users and in such a way as all the spaces can be used.  

ST JOSEPHS CARE HOME COLESHILL—part of Fr Hudson’s Care . 

Situated in the beautiful surroundings of rural Warwickshire, St Joseph’s Care Home offers a range of personalised  services including residential care, specialised dementia care and short-term respite care in a friendly welcoming  environment. With a dedicated and compassionate staff team who are passionate about making residents safe and  happy in an environment that is just how home feels. Mass is offered in the Home’s own Chapel regularly.  

For more information or to book a virtual tour then please quote SJ2 and contact Care Home Manager Shelley Perry man on 01675 434559, email or visit our website at 


Come Holy Spirit, come into my heart! Fill me with your joy, your peace, your divine power.  Come and live in me. May you, Holy Spirit be my best friend and counsellor.  Guide me so that I may never stray from God’s ways. Fill me with thoughts of peace.  Comfort me when I am sad. Strengthen me when I am tempted.  

Make me shine out with your love and be a sign for others of God’s love.  

Come Holy Spirit!

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