Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Lent

Here is Mass for the Fourth Sunday of Lent from Sacred Heart Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Sat  26thSH 5.00 p.m. Holy Souls LS 
Sun  27thSH 
9.30 am 
11.00 am
Jones Family Intentions 
Peoples of the Parishes  
Mon  28th SH 10.00 am No Mass 
Tues  29thSH 10.00 am. No Mass 
Wed  30th SH 7.00 pm. LS Richard Clark (Birthday)
Thurs  31st EM  
11.00 am.  
10.00 am *
Carmen John (Memorial Mass) 
Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion
Fri  1st AprSH 7.00pm LS Holy Souls   
Sat 2ndSH 5.00 pm Edward Reilly RIP
Sun 3rdSH  
9.30 am  
11.00 am 
People of the Parishes 
Libby Burn and Deceased Family RIP 

WALKING TOGETHER/ SYNODALITY QUESTIONNAIRE. Our parishes response report is available on the  Parish websites with paper copies at Masses this weekend. I suggest that now we wait for the publication  of the diocesan report in early April . Then we can look at how we take this forward at our parishes level  in the light of the themes of the diocesan vision outlined by Archbishop Bernard. Meantime do take a  look at our parish document. Also on Sacred Heart Whats Ap  


Tues 5th April 12.30 St Georges 

Tues 12th April 12.30 English Martyrs  

Join us for a simple soup and roll lunch. With a short reflection. In aid of Christian Aid and Cafod. 

HELPING UKRAINE. Fr Hudson’s ,our Diocesan so cial welfare agency ,is to be the point of contact for  offers of accommodation and help for the refugees.  

They will liaise with the relevant authorities and  keep up to date with developments .There is more  information on the diocesan website . 

Please speak to Fr Gerry or Deacon Lionel if you  have a particular desire to take part in this work.  

SACRED HEART: Refreshments , tea and coffee, are  available in the Hall after Sunday Mass. 

All are very welcome. Come and join us to meet and  catch up. Refreshments will be available after the  Thursday morning 10 am Liturgy. 

ENGLISH MARTYRS: STATIONS OF THE CROSS 10.20  to 10.50. Before Sunday Mass 

SACRED HEART Friday after evening 7pm Mass.  

WHATS APP Groups: To join please text name and  mobile number to Richard Potter on 

07944 510694 for Sacred Heart Parish Group.  English Martyrs Group please text name and mobile number to Maris Golovackis on 07851  931162 to join. This is useful for interparish messag es and communication.  


First Holy Communion Preparation The next  session for Children will be on Monday 28th March  at 6pm in the Hall.  

First Holy Communion Mass for this group is on  Sunday, 26th June at 9.30 am 

Confirmation Preparation Programme continues  Thursday, 31st March in the Sacred Heart Parish  Hall, 7—8 pm. Confirmation will be celebrated on  Sunday, 22nd May at 9.30 am Mass.  

First Holy Communion Preparation (second group)  There is a registration meeting for parents on  Thursday, 5th May 7—8pm in the day chapel.  It is very important that you attend this meeting.  The first session for children will be on Thursday,  12th May, 6-7pm  

First Holy Communion Mass for this second group  will be on Saturday, 16th July at 5pm 

Thanks to those running these preparation classes  for their time and commitment. 


This weekend your Gift Aid envelopes are available  for collection. Please collect them. SH have been  renumbered so please take those with your name  not number.  

Please let us know if you would like Offertory Enve lopes , to sign a Standing Order and/or sign up for  Gift Aid and so increase your giving by 25% at no  extra cost to you.  

Or maybe see if you can increase your Standing  Order.  

Your financial support is needed by the Parishes and  is very much appreciated. We know that the finan cial situation for many people is becoming more  difficult.  

Thank you for your steadfast financial support  during the lockdown and pandemic.  

Standing Orders help assure the Parishes of regular  steady income and simplify banking. They can be  cancelled at any time. Please speak to Diane at SH  or Caroline at EM if you have any queries or chang es of address etc. Thanks. 

Sacred Heart Holiday 200 Club  

This has been running for over 30 years . It has pro vided extra income to the parish over the years. Cir cumstances have changed and it has been decided  

to close the Club. There will be one final draw for  £500 at Easter. Thank you to all who have been  contributors over the years . We are grateful to  those who have been involved in organising and  running the scheme. Any questions or comments  please to Fr Gerry.  

Mothering Sunday prayer  

Loving God, Thank you for mothers and for  all the people who care for others. Thank  you especially for our own family and fami lies throughout the world. May your love be  present in every home through the love we  show for one another. Amen. (Cafod)

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