Mass for the 3rd Sunday of Lent

Here is Mass for the 3rd Sunday of Lent from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Sat  17thSH 5.00 p.m. Eileen Deery RIP (Clarke) LS 
Sun  20thSH EM9.30 am 11.00 amRussell (In honour of St Therese)  Eileen & Ken Pedley RIP LS
Mon  21st SH 10.00 am LS Natalia Pilese RIP 
Tues  22ndSH 10.00 am. LS Peace in Ukraine
Wed  23rd SH 7.00 pm. 
7.30=8.30 pm
LS Christians in the Holy Land Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 
Thurs  24thEM  SH11.00 am.  
10.00 am *
Ints of English Martyrs School Community  
Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion
Fri  25thSH 7.00pm 6pm –9pm LS People of the Parishes  SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS OF THREE HOURS OF PRAYER 
Sat 26thSH 5.00 pm LS Holy Souls
Sun 27thSH  EM9.30 am  11.00 am Jones Family Intentions Peoples of the Parishes

WALKING TOGETHER/ SYNODALITY QUESTIONNAIRE. Our parish response report will be available on  the Parish websites with paper copies at Masses this weekend. I suggest that we wait for the publication  of the diocesan report in early April. Then we can look at how to proceed further on how we take this  forward at our parish level in the light of the themes of the diocesan vision outlined by Archbishop Bernard. Meantime do take a look at our parish document.  


Thurs 17th March 12.30 Rogers Hall (St John the Baptist) 

Thurs 24th March 12.30 Paddox Methodists 

Tues 5th April 12.30 St George’s 

Tues 12th April 12.30 English Martyrs  

Join us for a simple soup and roll lunch. With a short reflection. In aid of Christian Aid and Cafod. 


Friday 25th March from 6pm to 9pm at Sacred  Heart Church. Join us to hear the Word of God,  Musical Ministry, Healing Prayers, Adoration of the  Blessed Sacrament, Confession will be available.  and Mass. Mass will be celebrated at 7pm. The sessions will be conducted in English. See leaflet for  further details.  

SACRED HEART: Refreshments , tea and coffee, are  available in the Hall after Sunday Mass. 

All are very welcome. Come and join us to meet and  catch up. Refreshments will be available after the  Thursday morning 9.30 am Liturgy. 

ENGLISH MARTYRS: STATIONS OF THE CROSS 10.20  to 10.50. Before Sunday Mass 

SACRED HEART Friday after evening 7pm Mass.  

WHATS APP Groups: To join please text name and  mobile number to Richard Potter on 

07944 510694 for Sacred Heart Parish Group.  English Martyrs Group please text name and mobile number to Maris Golovackis on 07851  931162 to join. 


First Holy Communion Preparation The next  session for Children will be on Monday 14th March  at 6pm.  

First Holy Communion Mass for this group is on  Sunday, 26th June at 9.30 am 

Confirmation Preparation Programme continues  Thursday, 24th March in the Sacred Heart Parish  Hall, 7—8 pm. Confirmation will be celebrated on  Sunday, 22nd May at 9.30 am Mass.  

First Holy Communion Preparation (second group)  There is a registration meeting for parents on  Thursday, 5th May 7—8pm in the day chapel.  It is very important that you attend this meeting.  The first session for children will be on Thursday,  12th May, 6-7pm  

First Holy Communion Mass for this second group  will be on Saturday, 16th July at 5pm 

Thanks to those running these preparation classes  for their time and commitment. 

SINE NOMINE CONCERT—You will be pleased to  hear that the Concert last Sunday at EM raised £408  for Myton Hospices. Well done all.  


Friday 25th March 7.30-9.30pm at Rugby  Methodist Church Centre. Panel including MP Mark  Pawsey will be addressing questions about climate  change . All welcome. To attend sign up via Event brite or see Poster.  

CAFOD LENT FAST DAY Friday 11th March. Thanks  for your contributions. Please put any envelopes in  with the collection.  

HELPING UKRAINE. Fr Hudson’s, our Diocesan  social welfare agency, is to be the point of contact  for offers of accommodation and help for the refugees. They will liaise with the relevant authorities  and keep up to date with developments .There is  more information on the diocesan website . Please  speak to Fr Gerry or Deacon Lionel if you have a particular desire to take part in this work.  


Wednesday 23 March. 7pm in the Parish Centre,  St Francis Church, Warwick Road, Kenilworth CV8  1HL. You are warmly welcomed to meet Laila Asfoura from Bethlehem, who will share the latest  situation in the Holy Land, the work of FHL and  answer any questions. Laila is the Founder Member  of FHL’s local Committee. A buffet supper is being  arranged with a cash bar. Tickets £10 pp are availa ble from or by tele phoning the FHL office 01926 512980.  

FINANCES AT SH & EM PARISHES . This weekend  your Gift Aid envelopes are available for collection.  Let us know if you will no longer be using them.  

Please let us know if you would like to sign a Stan ing Order and/or sign up for Gift Aid and so increase  your giving by 25% at no extra cost to you. Or may be see if you can increase your Standing Order.  Your financial support is needed by the Parishes and  very much appreciatedv. Thank you for your steadfast financial support during the lockdown and pandemic. Standing Orders  help assure the Parishes of regular steady income  and simplify banking. Please speak to Diane at SH  or Caroline at EM if you have any queries or changes of address etc. Thanks.

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