Mass for the First Sunday of Advent

Here is Mass for the First Sunday of Advent, Year C, from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Entrance Antiphon: To you, I lift up my soul, O my God. In you, I have trusted; let me not be put to shame. Nor let my enemies exult over me; and let no one  who hope in you be put to shame.  

First Reading: A reading from the prophet Jeremiah. I will make a virtuous Branch grow for David.  

Response: Psalm 24 To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.  

Second Reading: A reading from the first letter of St Paul to the Thessalonians. May the Lord confirm your hearts in holiness when Christ comes.  

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! Let us see, O Lord, your mercy and give  us your saving help. Alleluia!  

Gospel: A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke. Your liberation is near at hand.  


Saturday 27th 5pm at SH McElhatton Family Deceased LS 

Sunday 28th 9.30am at SH People of the Parishes  

Sunday 28th 11 am at EM Deceased Members of EM and SH Parishes LS

Monday 29th 10am at SH Private Intention  

Tuesday 30th 10am at SH Family and Friends  

Wednesday 1st 7pm at SH Private Intention  

Thursday 2nd 11am at EM Ints of English Martyrs School  

Friday 3rd 7pm at SH Ed and Mary Cashel  

Saturday 4th 5pm at SH Rosie Richardson RIP  

Sunday 5th 9.30am at SH People of the Parishes 

Sunday 5th 11am at EM John Mc Stay RIP


On Thursday 2nd December at 2pm for half an hour there will be Adoration of  the Blessed Sacrament at Sacred Heart Church followed by an Introduction and  initial meeting in the Parish Hall at 2.30pm. This will be for an hour. There will be a similar programme on 9th December at 7pm also at Sacred Heart.  PLEASE join us for this important event. This is intended for parishioners of  English Martyrs and Sacred Heart. All are very welcome.  

Pope Francis has asked the whole Church throughout the world to engage in a process of  learning, listening and discerning together to see how the Holy Spirit is directing us as we  face the challenges of living our faith in this (hopefully) Post Covid world. This is something  new and quite unique in the life of the Church. We also have our Diocesan Vision proposed  by the Archbishop asking us to look at four important themes: Evangelisation, Formation,  Worship and Sacramental Life and Charity and Social Outreach.  

Please make this a part of your Advent programme. 

ENGLISH MARTYRS PARISH CHRISTMAS MEAL – Sunday 5th December Hillmorton  Manor. We look forward to this community gathering next weekend. Thanks to all who have  booked and those who have made the arrangements. Bookings must be in by today  ,Sunday.  

CAFOD WORLD GIFTS– Catalogues available and online. Thoughtful Gifts from you for  those who are in great need of the basics of life in different parts of the world. Please take a copy or look on Cafod website

THE SOWER is our Diocesan Magazine. It comes out three times a year and is free. Please  take a copy and read it. It has lots of interesting news from around our diocese.  

ADVENT Walk with Me Prayer Books available and Advent Calendars to help our Advent  prayers and reflection. 


‘Stay awake, praying at all times’ Luke 21;36. 

Eternal God, you will come when we do not expect you. 

Help us to welcome you now in one another, to reach out to our sisters and  brothers in need of care and support. And in this way may we be found ready, when you come again in glory. Amen.  (prayer from the CAFOD Advent Calendar).

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