Mass for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B

Here is Mass for the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Entrance Antiphon: Let my prayer come into your presence. Incline your ear  to my cry for help, O Lord.  

First Reading: A reading from the first book of the Kings. The widow made a little scone for her meal and brought it to Elijah.  

Response: Psalm 145 My soul, give praise to the Lord.  

Second Reading: A reading from the letter to the Hebrews. Christ offers himself only once to take the faults of many on himself.  

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! How happy are the poor in spirit, theirs  is the kingdom of heaven. Alleluia!  

Gospel: A reading from the holy Gospel according to Mark. This poor widow has put in more than all.  


Saturday 6th 5pm at SH People of the Parishes LS  

Sunday 7th 9.30 am at SH All who have died of Covid no LS 

Sunday 7th 11am at EM Alfred Giddings RIP LS  

Monday 8th 10am at SH No Mass today LS  

Tuesday 9th 10am at SH No Mass today LS  

Wednesday 10th 7pm at SH Kitty Henry RIP LS  

Thursday 11th 11 am at EM No Mass today  

Friday 12th 7pm at SH Dec Members Clarke Family LS  

Saturday 13th 5pm at SH Fergus and Mary Reynolds RIP 

Sunday 14th 9.30am at SH People of the Parishes 

Sunday 14th 11.30am at EM Remembrance Sunday Ronald Youson RIP LS

ENGLISH MARTYRS: Funeral Mass 18th November 12 noon Marceline Kelleher RIP

Funeral Mass 24th November 10.30am Austin Gooch RIP 

May their Souls and the Souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace.  

THIS WEEKEND We are asked to pray for the Victims of Covid and for all in the Health Services who looked after all who have suffered and are suffering from the Pandemic. 


This has been booked at Hillmorton Manor for Sunday 5th December at 3.30 pm. All are welcome. Please collect Menus and Booking form from Caroline if you haven’t already had one and return as soon as possible with your booking. Places limited so please book early. Closing date Sunday 28th

RETIRING COLLECTION FOR THE JOHNSON ASSOCIATION Reg Charity 238681. This is the charity which supports financially sick and retired diocesan priests who have served in our  diocese. There are currently more than 50 priests receiving support. Please support the  Retiring Collection as you leave Church today. You can increase your donation by Gift Aid. Please complete one of the yellow envelopes. More information on the yellow leaflet. You  can also donate online. Thanks for your support.  


Masks – Please continue to wear masks unless exempt. Masks available.  There is no longer need to be signed in. No Track and Trace. 

Entrances – Main entrance now in use 

Hand Sanitisers will be available at the doors for those who wish to use them.  

Ribbons – These will be removed so you can decide distancing for yourselves. Please be  sensitive to those who feel the need to distance and respect the feelings of those you do not  know.  

Holy Communion will be at the normal time in the Mass. Please come up in an orderly  manner as you are directed. Communion will be in the hand and under only one kind. 

Collections. Please use the baskets to donate to the Parish as you enter or leave Church. 

Remember if you are feeling ill, have any Covid symptoms or have been in contact with  those with Covid, please do not attend.  

Thank you for your cooperation with these necessary measures.  

CAFOD PRAYER FOR COP26= Let us continue to pray for a positive and fruitful outcome.

Loving God, 

We praise your name with all you have created. You are present in the whole universe, and  in the smallest of creatures. We acknowledge the responsibilities you have placed upon us  as stewards of your creation. May the Holy Spirit inspire all political leaders at COP26 as  they seek to embrace the changes needed to foster a more sustainable society. Instil in  them the courage and gentleness to implement fairer solutions for the poorest and most  vulnerable, 

and commit their nations to the care of Our Common Home. 

We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son. Amen. 

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