Mass for the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B

Here is Mass for the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Entrance Antiphon: God is in his holy place, God unites those who dwell in his  house; he himself gives might and strength to his people. 

First Reading; A reading from the second book of the Kings. They will eat and have some left over. 

Response: Psalm 144. You open wide your hand, O Lord, you grant our desires. 

Second Reading: from the Letter of St Paul to the Ephesians  One Body, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism.  

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! A great prophet has appeared among us; God has visited his  people. Alleluia! 

Gospel: A reading from the Holy Gospel according to John 6:1-15. Jesus gave out as much as was wanted to all who were sitting ready. 

Communion Antiphon: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.  Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God.  


Saturday 24th 5pm at SH Peoples of the Parishes LS 

Sunday 25th 9.30am at SH In Thanksgiving LS 

Sunday 25th 11 am at EM Bernard Campbell RIP LS 

Monday 26th at SH Fr Patrick Joyce RIP LS 

Tuesday 27th at SH Holy Souls LS  

Wednesday 28nd SH 7pm Public Mass Private Intention LS 

Thursday 29nd July EM at 11 am The Sick and Suffering= No LS 

Friday 30rd at 7pm Public Mass World Peace LS 

Saturday 31st 5pm at SH Reggie Crawford RIP LS 

Sunday 1st 9.30am at SH People of the Parishes LS  

Sunday 1st 11 am at EM Bruce Howie RIP LS 

LIVE STREAM OF MASSES – has resumed for Masses as indicated. 


The Bishops have said that the obligation of Sunday Mass remains suspended until probably  the First Sunday in Advent . It is important not to get out of practice of Mass so you are  welcome to attend the weekday public Masses where there is plenty of space in Church and  of course you can view the live streamed Masses provided from EM and SH. For the moment the current precautions will continue c in Church. Track and Trace, Masks,  Sanitising, Social Distancing in the seating and moving about the Building. The changes in  the celebration of Mass will stay too eg no physical sign of peace and practice of Holy  Communion at the end of Mass.  

The Pandemic is far from over and we need to take care to protect the members of our  community and especially those who are vulnerable and anxious. 

Thank you for your great cooperation with the measures we have taken. We are deeply  indebted to those who have helped with the stewarding and sanitising and thank them for  their dedication to making the system work so well and smoothly. 

ENGLISH MARTYRS PRESBYTERY : As there is no possibility of a resident priest and we have  not developed another use for the building we are preparing to rent it out to suitable  tenants in the near future. This will secure some income and provide a presence which will  help ensure the security of the site. Please return any keys you may have. 

THE DIOCESAN VISION; Unfolding God’s Plan 

Our vision is to be a Catholic diocese which is faithful to the mission entrusted to us by Jesus  Christ, full of missionary disciples who work together co-responsibly in vibrant communities  of faith, joyful in their service of God and neighbour. 

PRAYER FOR THE FIRST WORLD DAY FOR GRANDPARENTS AND THE ELDERLY I thank You, Lord, for the comfort of Your presence: even in times of loneliness,  You are my hope and my confidence, You have been my rock and my fortress  since my youth! I thank You for having given me a family and for having  blessed me with a long life. I thank You for moments of joy and difficulty, for  the dreams that have already come true in my life and for those that are still  ahead of me.  

I thank You for this time of renewed fruitfulness to which You call me.  Increase, O Lord, my faith, make me a channel of your peace, teach me to  embrace those who suffer more than me, to never stop dreaming and to tell of  your wonders to new generations. 

Protect and guide Pope Francis and the Church, that the light of the Gospel  might reach the ends of the earth. Send Your Spirit, O Lord, to renew the  world, that the storm of the pandemic might be calmed, the poor consoled and  wars ended. Sustain me in weakness and help me to live life to the full in each  moment that You give me, in the certainty that you are with me every day,  even until the end of the age. Amen. ( Pope Francis). 

PRAYER FOR THE DIOCESAN VISION (abbreviated and altered)  Spirit of God, 

Descend on us this day. 

Grant us the Spirit of joy, to lift us, 

The Spirit of hope to inspire us, 

The Spirit of love to surround us and the  

Spirit of truth to enlighten our path. 

Holy Spirit 

We pray for a new outpouring of your grace, 

So that we may grow in worship of your name 

In love of you in our prayer 

And in our actions towards others. Amen 

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