Mass for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Here is Mass for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time from Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bilton, Rugby.

Entrance Antiphon: Let the hearts that seek the Lord rejoice; turn to the Lord and his strength; constantly seek his face. 

First Reading; Exodus 22;20-26. If you are harsh with the widow, the orphan, my anger will flare against you. 

Psalm Response: Ps 17:  I love you, Lord, my strength.  

Second Reading:  A reading from the first letter of St Paul to the Thessalonians 1: 5-10. You broke with idolatry and became servants of God. You are now waiting for his Son. 

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! Open our hearts, O Lord, to accept the words of your Son. Alleluia!

Gospel: Matthew 22; 34-40. You must love the Lord your God and your neighbour as yourself.  

WEEKEND MASSES: Sacred Heart, Saturday 5pm (People of the Parish). Sunday 9.30am (Connie’s Intentions). English Martyrs, Sunday 11am (People of the Parish). No Saturday Mass at Present.

Next Weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints. Retiring Collection for the Johnson Association (for the sick and retired Clergy).

WEEKDAY MASSES: Wednesday 7pm. in the Main Church at Sacred Heart. Thursday 10am Mass at English Martyrs (Eunice Davis RIP). Both Masses fulfil the Sunday obligation. You don’t need to book for Masses. We can accommodate all who wish to come at present. 

BAPTISMS: It is possible to celebrate infant baptisms again. Please contact us to arrange or rearrange the celebration of Baptism at English Martyrs or Sacred Heart. Please note the recent change which says that only SIX people can be present at the ceremony. 

CONFESSIONS: If you wish to make your Confession, Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is best to contact the Clergy to arrange a time and a suitable location.

THE FRIENDSHIP BENCH: you will have noticed the beautiful Friendship Bench installed recently near the entrance to English Martyrs Church. This has been organised by the Friends of East Rugby through the Friendship Bench Charity. The idea originated in Zimbabwe. 

The idea is to have a public place where people can meet and get to know each other, talk and support one another. It can be a focus for community activities bringing together old and young members of the community. Obviously the present Coronavirus restrictions work against this aim.

Let’s hope in due time it may be an asset in creating community spirit. May it be used to help those feeling isolated and on their own at the moment. Congratulation and thanks to those involved in the project. We are one of the first communities to benefit from this original idea. 

Let us continue to be mindful of the members of our parish communities who may be isolated and feel alone, those who are sick or suffering in mind or body. Let us support them with our prayers and encourage them in any way we can. 

We pray for the increasing numbers of people affected by the virus locally and nationally and we pray for those who care for them in our hospitals and other settings.  

OUR THANKS to those who have been helping to steward at the Masses at English Martyrs and Sacred Heart. Your help with track and trace, guiding people to their places and cleaning the Church after services has been invaluable. Thank you to all who attend for your cooperation.

Please continue to be mindful of the need of social distancing in and outside Church. 

Thank you for your financial support of our Parishes. 

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