Mass for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here is Mass from Sacred Heart Church, Bilton, Rugby for the 26/27th September 2020, the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Entrance Antiphon: All that you have done to us, O Lord, you have done with true judgment, for we have sinned against you and not obeyed your commandments. But give glory to your name and deal with us according to the bounty of your mercy.    

First Reading; Ezekiel 18;25-28. When the sinner renounces sin, he shall certainly live.

Psalm Response: Ps 24 Remember your mercy, Lord. The Lord is close to all who call him. 

Second Reading:  A reading from the letter of St Paul to the Philippians. In your minds you must be the same as Jesus Christ.

Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! If anyone loves me they will keep my word, and my Father will love them , and we shall come to them.   Alleluia!

Gospel: Matthew 21: 28-32. He thought better of it and went. Tax collectors and prostitutes are making their way into the kingdom of God before you.

WEEKEND MASSES : Sacred Heart, Saturday 5pm and Sunday 9.30am. English Martyrs, Sunday 11am. No Saturday Mass at Present.

WEEKDAY MASSES: Wednesday 7pm. Mass in the Main Church at Sacred Heart. Thursday 10am Mass at English Martyrs. Both Masses fulfil the Sunday obligation.

Recorded Sunday and Weekday Masses from Sacred Heart are normally available on YouTube. Sunday Mass at 9.15 am. There will be recorded Weekday Masses but not on Wednesday from Sacred Heart available on YouTube usually by 12 noon each day.

Funeral at English Martyrs  

Please  pray for David Richardson who has died recently. Funeral details are being arranged. We pray for his family in their loss. May he rest in peace. 

FATHER HUDSON’S CARE ANNUAL COLLECTION THIS  WEEKEND. Father Hudson’s Care support  vulnerable people across the Archdiocese of Birmingham. Father Hudson’s reaches out to people of all ages who need help, advice, and support at times of adversity. Please give generously to this worthy cause. Gift Aid envelopes are available, please use them.  

You can also donate by using JustGiving  or by TEXT. Text FATHERH to 70085. To text £5 eg text FATHERH5


Dear Father,

I realise how difficult it is to ask parishioners to be even more generous at a time when they may well be concerned about their own financial situation, or that of family members, because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic restrictions and their impact on everybody’s livelihood and wellbeing. 

These same challenges are having the most devastating impact on many of the people that Father Hudson’s Care seeks to support through its own projects or in partnership with others.  I know, for example, that Brushstrokes in Smethwick has been assisting hundreds of families with food parcels, advice and a ready welcome throughout the pandemic – and I see from my own kitchen window the daily procession of refugees and asylum-seekers, often mothers with young children, waiting for the food and clothing that the staff and volunteers of St Chad’s Sanctuary are unfailingly there to provide.

In these and in many others ways Father Hudson’s Care as our diocesan agency for social outreach is actively showing the love of Christ to those who are most in need.  I am grateful to you for taking the time to consider this request.

With my thanks for all that you do, together with my prayers and kindest wishes.

Yours devotedly in Christ, +Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham

BAPTISMS: It is possible to celebrate infant baptisms again. Please contact us to arrange or rearrange the celebration of Baptism at English Martyrs or Sacred Heart. 

CONFESSIONS: If you wish to make your Confession ,Sacrament of reconciliation, it is best to contact the Clergy to arrange a time and a suitable location. 

BIRMIGHAM JUSTICE AND PEACE COMMISSION are holding an Online Assembly this year. Fr Gerry is the Chair. It takes place during next week. For details please see Birmingham jandp. 

Justice and Peace Online Assembly 2020  Book online 

Next Sunday at 7pm. Feast of St Francis there will be an Online Service of Evening Prayer with Fr Gerry , Jo Boyce (music)  and Archbishop Bernard. There are 3 expert talks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7.30-8.30pm on the challenge of Climate Change, the Pandemic and building the Future. You must book for these via the website. Contact Fr Gerry if you need more information.    

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