Feast of Corpus Christi

Here is the Mass for the Feast of Corpus Christi from Sacred Heart Church, Bilton. Greetings from Father Gerry and Father Graham.

We have now managed successfully to launch a streamed Mass instead of recorded Mass from Sacred Heart.  So instead of recorded, we will now be switching to live streaming. You may have to allow a few minutes at the advertised starting time and wait until it goes live. 

Sunday Mass will be live at 9.30am. You are invited to join us. You can also watch it later as a recording. 

Weekday Mass will be live at 10am. This Mass is available later as a recording. 

Mass is on our YouTube Channel: sacred heart, bilton.

Fr Gerry and Fr Graham are keeping well and looking forward to meeting you all again when the situation improves. Plans are going ahead slowly for the opening of Churches for private prayer and we will let you know when the diocese has plans in place for this. Please remember us in your prayers as we remember you in our prayers and Masses. 

The services can also be watched at a later time on YouTube in case you aren’t able to join the live broadcast.

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