An update from Sacred Heart

Here is an update from Father Gerry and Father Graham to all parishioners.

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe. We continue to remember in our prayers and Masses those suffering in the pandemic, those working in the health and caring services and those who have died and their grieving families and friends. 

Masses from the Parish

As many of you will know we have been recording and putting on YouTube our Masses on Weekdays and Sundays. Once celebrated they are uploaded to YouTube as soon as possible, the process takes a little time. 

Weekday Masses go live at 7pm and Sunday Mass at 9.30 am. Of course you can watch them at any time after this at your convenience. Find on YouTube by searching sacred heart, bilton. If you click subscribe then the item should be easier to find next time. Each service is in two parts because of the capacity of the camera we are using. It has been giving clear pictures and sound. Of course there are many other options for streamed and recorded Masses on the internet . There are links to the recent Sunday Masses on the parish website,

Next week Fr Gerry will take two Cremation Services on Monday and Tuesday in the new simplified form for two elderly people who have died. Please pray for them and their families at this distressing time. 

Please share this information with others who may be interested. I hope you may find this helpful. We now have a parish What’s App Group for spiritual support and information. Please contact us for details on how to join, you would be very welcome. 

May the Risen Lord continue to bless us and keep us safe as we continue our journey through Eastertide. 

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