Support Fairtrade Week

Fairtrade Week runs from February 24th to 28th, 2020.

Fair Trade.jpg

How familiar are you with this symbol? Do you look for it when you shop?

The Fairtrade Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to empower disadvantaged producers in developing countries by tackling injustice in conventional trade, in particular by promoting and licensing the Fairtrade Mark, a guarantee that products retailed in the UK have been produced in accordance with internationally-agreed Fairtrade standards. 2019 marked 25 years since the first certified Fairtrade products became available in the UK.  They are now to be found widely in our supermarkets, specialist stores and online. 

So, job done? says not.  They say that Fairtrade is an evolving system committed to learning how the approach can improve to make a bigger difference for farmer and worker communities in developing countries.

Their research highlights areas where Fairtrade needs to do better and deliver deeper impact for farmers and workers. These include progressing faster towards a living wage in their Standards, doing more to extend Fairtrade’s core work to farm workers, empowering women farmers and workers, tackling power imbalances in supply chains, building effective climate change resilience within communities and scaling up their work within countries. 

Why buy Fairtrade? Find out more here.

What can we do? 

  • Insist that your favoured supermarket stocks Fairtrade products – and then buy them.  
  • Challenge stores such as Sainsbury’s, in the past a leader in its promotion of Fairtrade products, when they propose moving to their own “fairly traded” arrangements with producers.  The international Fairtrade system can only work and improve if all major product vendors support it. If they do, sales volumes will help bring shop prices down while safeguarding and improving the incomes of producers.  
  • You have a voice!

What products to look out for: 

CoffeeTeaChocolateFruit & VegetablesRiceCooking oilSugarIce CreamWineCottonCosmeticsFlowers


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