Parish diary this week

Image result for crucifixion of jesus
Christ crucified, painted by Giotto, circa 1310

This is the parish diary this week:
Monday April 15th
Mass at 7pm
Exposition until 8pm.
Tuesday April 16th
No Mass
Wednesday April 17th
Mass at 7pm
Thursday April 18th
Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7.30pm.
Friday April 19th
Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion at 7pm.
Saturday April 20th
Easter Vigil at 8.30pm.
Sunday April 21st
Easter Day Mass at 9.30am.

Forthcoming events
Wednesday April 24th
Everyone welcome to join fellow parishioners and members of the local community for Tea and a chat from 1.45pm. Sue Melia from Bwengu Projects will show slides on the latest developments in Malawi during the afternoon.
Sunday June 2nd
Thursday June 6th
Parish meeting, 7.30pm in the hall
Sunday June 16th
First Communion
Thursday October 3rd
Parish meeting, 7.30pm in the hall

Easter Services
Holy Thursday – Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Sacred Heart 7.30pm, English Martyrs 6pm
Good Friday – Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion
Sacred Heart 7pm, English Martyrs 3pm
Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil
Sacred Heart 8.30pm, English Martyrs: 6.30pm
Easter Sunday
Sacred Heart 9.30am, English Martyrs: 11am

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