Charity Quiz Night

All parishioners at English Martyrs, Sacred Heart, Monks Kirby and friends are invited to a fun charity quiz evening at Sacred Heart Church Hall, Bilton, on Friday June 8th at 7.30pm.

Teams can be up to six players. The entry cost is just £3 per person or £10 for a family of four. Soft drinks and nibbles will be available. If you desire a tipple of something stronger, you are welcome to bring your own drink.

As well as the quiz, there will be a raffle. All money raised will go to Bwengu Projects in north Malawi – an NGO set up and run by Sacred Heart parishioner Sue Melia and her husband Tony.

If you want to join in but can’t raise a full team, do come along – we’ll find you a team on the night. Tune up those little grey cells, have fun and help a great cause.

Please arrive early as we plan to ask the first question at 7.30pm sharp as long as everyone is settled.

To enter, either sign the sheet on the noticeboard at Sacred Heart Church, Bilton or fill in the form below.

About Bwengu Projects

Bwengu Projects is a small NGO run by Sue and Tony Melia. Each year they work in north Malawi, completing various building projects at local village schools, churches and medical centres and generally supporting the community. Part of their work is in the provision of food at orphan care feeding stations, providing bursary fees for some 300 orphaned or needy secondary school children. They also provide adult education evening classes.

In 2017 they introduced a “whole class teaching project” which brought 21st century teaching aids to eight Malawi Junior Schools in and around the Rhumpi mountains in north Malawi. Some 7,400 children are on the roll at these eight schools.

The concept is to download the complete Malawi national curriculum for junior schools into a tablet memory which can then be played onto a renovated IT classroom wall in these schools via a mini projector, run from car batteries charged by solar panels.

Each school also seeks out all within their villages that cannot read, write or count, setting up free adult literacy evening classes for these people to attend using the same machines.  Also contained in the tablet memory are some 175 teaching videos on various medical topics such as HIV Aids and all other major diseases affecting Malawi people. Among other topics covered by these videos are Pregnancy, Contraception and Sexually-transmitted diseases. Lessons are run in conjunction with the adult education courses planned for each community, again using these same machines – thus becoming a “whole community teaching project.”

In 2018, the 14th year of Bwengu Projects, more project workers will travel out in July/August to introduce and train up the staff in five secondary schools in the use of the new educational facilities. By the end of March 2018, the complete secondary school national curriculum in all 11 subjects had been downloaded onto a memory chip.  By the end of this year some 9,800 children in all 13 schools will have access to this project. For more information, go to:

Read an article about Sue and Tony Melia here.


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