Parish diary this week

1280px-Simon_Vouet_-_Saint_Peter_Visiting_Saint_Agatha_in_Prison.jpg (1280×909)
Simon Vouet – Saint Peter Visiting Saint Agatha in Prison

These are the services this week:
Monday February 5th – Mass at 7pm (Feast of St Agatha) followed by Exposition in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel until 8pm
Tuesday February 6th – No Mass (Feast of St Paul Miki and Companions)
Wednesday February 7th – Mass at 7pm
Thursday February 8th – Mass at 9.30am
Friday February 9th – Mass at 9.30am
Saturday February 10th – Mass for the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B at 5pm
Sunday February 11th – Mass for the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B at 9.30am
Parish diary for this week
No events this week
Forthcoming events
Monday February 12th – First Communion programme meeting, 6pm in the hall.
Friday February 16th – Lent lunches begin after 11.45am Mass. All proceeds to Cafod.
Saturday February 17th – Lent Retreat Day at St Paul’s Convent, Selly Park, Birmingham, 19am to 4pm. See Father Gerry for details.
Sunday April 22nd – Confirmation celebrated by Bishop William Kenny, 9.30am, Sacred Heart.
Sunday June 17th – First Communion celebration, 9.30am, Sacred Heart.


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