Live Simply newsletter – September 2017


livesimply prayer

Pope Francis

Compassionate and loving God,
you created the world for us all to share,
a world of beauty and plenty.
Create in us a desire to live simply,
so that our lives may reflect your generosity.

Creator God,
You gave us responsibility for the earth,
a world of riches and delight.
Create in us a desire to live sustainably,
So that those who follow after us
May enjoy the fruits of your creation.

God of peace and justice,
you give us the capacity to change,
to bring about a world that mirrors your wisdom.
Create in us a desire to act in solidarity,
so that the pillars of injustice crumble
and those now crushed are set free.

Live Simply
Rugby-three-colour-logo.png (1162×682)Food waste/foodbank: In the run-up to Easter several parishioners made Live Simply Pledges. Among the most popular were pledges to reduce food waste / shop wisely by eating food in the freezer before buying more/not over-buying/ shopping with a list. In this country it is estimated that 60% of the 10 million tonnes of food wasted annually could have been avoided. It’s a scandal and few if any of us is guilt free. Think as you shop!

At the same time, demands on Rugby foodbank remain high. Non-perishable staple foods are always in demand in addition to other household items. To see what is most needed at any time, visit the foodbank website. Donations can be left in the collection box in the Narthex at church. As one supermarket would say “Every Little Counts”.

Leftover Tips: Why not share your tips for using leftovers on the LiveSimply Board in the Entrance lobby. We’ll share the best in future LiveSimply Tips bulletins.

Live sustainably
89a1e36d-e6ca-485e-94b7-e568ff395356_1000.jpg (1000×1000)Saving energy and money: LED light bulbs are considered to be more environmentally-friendly, energy efficient and long lasting than other light bulbs. So, when your light bulbs at home next need changing or as part of a planned exercise to change your current lighting, explore a switch to LED. There’s a choice of light from “soft white” to a more bright white. promise to offer the most cost effective LED bulbs. It is also worth checking out stores such as Home Bargains in Rugby and your usual supermarket, where LED bulbs may also be available. As a parish, Sacred Heart is committed to looking at LED options as and when light bulbs need changing in the church or church hall.

In Solidarity
cafod_logo_rgb_transparent.png (584×177)CAFOD: Sacred Heart Parish has a proud record of support for CAFOD, with many parishioners committed to making regular donations via direct debit and others making weekly donations via envelopes placed in weekend Mass collections. We can happily source additional envelopes for new donors or for existing donors if they have run short. CAFOD also raises funds via its Trash for Cash initiative where donations of unwanted jewellery, foreign currency etc can benefit the poor.

Support for CAFOD is an effective and targeted way of getting help to those in other countries who need it most. In particular see CAFOD’s campaigns on Refugees and Floods in South Asia. To refresh your memory about all that CAFOD does visit – and

September 2017

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