Live Simply – March 2017 newsletter

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Mahatma Gandhi

Live Simply so that others might simply live
Mahatma Gandhi

Or as Pope Francis’ message in Laudato Si’ has it:
Responding to the cry of the poor we need a New Lifestyle

So how are those Live Simply Pledges coming along?

Thank you to all who have already posted pledges on the Pledge Board. If that isn’t you then look there for inspiration and please complete a pledge card today. It can be a more of something you do already or something new to you.

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Aerosols can be recycled – only 50% of aluminium packaging was recycled last year which means there’s a lot more to be done. Remember empty cans of deodorant, furniture polish, air fresheners and other aluminium items too such as foil takeaway containers can all be recycled.

Last year around 75% of food and drink tins and cans and 60% of glass bottles and jars were recycled. Could you do more to get the figure to 100%?

Bottle deposit scheme
blue-and-green-plastic-bottles-resized-740x493.jpg (740×493)Older parishioners might remember the days of money back on glass bottles. Well now a Surfers Against Sewage petition is calling for a deposit on plastic bottles. The petition has attracted over 210,000 people signatures and the Government is taking notice. An inquiry into the impacts of single-use plastic bottles has just been launched by the Environmental Audit Committee to identify the solutions needed to tackle plastic pollution. Surfers Against Sewage will be submitting their petition and other evidence to highlight the urgent need to introduce a deposit return system.

Palm Oil
Cadbury-Crunchie-Wrapper-Small.jpg (800×200)

Nestlé, producer of products ranging from Crunchie bars to Shredded Wheat, committed early to addressing problems caused by palm oil production which threatens rainforests and endangered animals, and exploits workers. But campaigners have discovered that along with other multinationals such as Unilever and PepsiCo, it is undermining its own best intentions by a tie-up with an Indonesian food producer said to be among the worst offenders in relation to palm oil production. Read more at SumOfUs

March 2017

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