Join us for Sunday worship

Zacchaeus in the sycamore.jpg (281×393)You are welcome to join us to celebrate the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time at Sacred Heart Church. Mass will be on Sunday October 30th at 9.30am, and will include a special liturgy for children. There will be an anticipated Mass on Saturday evening at 5pm. This is what we will be singing on Sunday:
Gathering: 468 Holy, holy, holy
Penitential Rite: 480 Parish Mass
Gloria: 481 Parish Mass
Psalm: I will bless your name forever, O God my king (Ps144, Howes version)
Acclamation: 534 Salisbury
Gifts: 605 Take our bread
Holy Holy: 482 Parish Mass
Mem Acclamation: 483-5 Parish Mass
Lamb of God: 487 Parish Mass
Communion: 634 Christ our peace
Going forth: 829 O Christ the great foundation
For the next few weeks, we will be using the Parish Mass, written by Peter Jones. This will continue until we begin the season of Advent.

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