Join us for Sunday worship

Today’s Gospel reading is from St Luke.

You are welcome to join us to celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi (Year C) at Sacred Heart Church. Mass will be on Sunday May 29th at 9.30am, including a special liturgy for the children. There will be an anticipated Mass on Saturday evening at 6pm. This is what we will be singing on Sunday:
Gathering: 857 Sing to the world of Christ
Penitential Rite: 518 Celtic Mass
Gloria: 529 Celtic Mass
Psalm: You are a priest for ever, a priest like Melchizedek of old. (Ps109, p178)
Acclamation: 534 Salisbury
Gifts: 625 Bread for the world
Holy Holy: 553 Celtic Mass
Mem Acclamation: 554 Celtic Mass
Lamb of God: 591 Celtic Mass
Communion: 631 Bread of life
Going forth: 360 As I kneel before you
We will be using the Celtic Mass setting by English composer Christopher Walker for the next few weeks. This setting has been revised for the new liturgy. 

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