Worship and events this week

A view inside Sacred Heart Church, Bilton.

These are the daily services this week:
Monday May 2nd – Mass at 7pm (Feast of St Athanasius)
Tuesday May 3rd – Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion at 9.30am (Feasts of Sts Philip and James)
Wednesday May 4th – Mass at 7pm (Feast of the English Martyrs)
Thursday May 5th – Mass at 9.30am
Friday May 6th – Mass at 9.30am
Saturday May 7th – Mass at 6pm (The Ascension)
Sunday May 8th – Mass at 9.30am (The Ascension)
Parish diary for this week
Monday May 2nd – Monday Club meets in the hall, 2pm. All senior parishioners welcome.
Forthcoming events

Sunday May 8th – First Communion shared table in the hall,
Monday May 9th – First Communion programme, hall, 6pm.
Tuesday May 10th – Breaking the Word (gospel reflection) at 2pm in the hall. All welcome.

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