Join us for Sunday worship

Good-Shepherd-Icon1You are welcome to join us to celebrate the 4th Sunday of Easter (Year C) at Sacred Heart Church. Mass will be on Sunday April 17th at 9.30am, including a special liturgy for the children. This will be a special service of confirmation for young people in the parish. There will be an anticipated Mass on Saturday evening at 6pm. This is what we will be singing on Sunday:
Gathering: 720 Be still for the presence of the Lord
Penitential Rite: 522 Storrington
Gloria: 532 Storrington
Psalm: We are his people, the sheep of his flock (Ps99, p173)
Acclamation: 261 Easter Acclamation
Confirmation: 306 Spirit of the living God
Gifts: Take my gifts
Holy Holy: 584 Storrington
Mem Acclamation: 585 Storrington
Lamb of God: 590 Storrington
Communion: God alone may lead my spirit, far away from want and fear. For the Lord is my true shepherd, and I know the Lord is near.
Going forth: 946 Thanks be to God
We will be using the Parish Mass setting for the remainder of the Easter season. This setting is written by Peter Jones from the Archdiocese of Birmingham and can be found from number 480 to 487 in the hymn book. 

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