Live Simply Newsletter – March 2016


This Year of Mercy offers us the perfect time not just to contemplate the meaning of “mercy” but also to explore how we can demonstrate mercy in our daily lives. The fundamental message behind liveSimply is one of mercy and consideration for the people and beings with which we share this world. Here are some suggestions.

The Corporal Works of Mercy Live Simply Action

To feed the hungry – Contribute regularly to Rugby Food Bank

To give drink to the thirsty – Support CAFOD in its work to deliver clean water to overseas communities

To clothe the naked – Donate clothing to the St Chad’s Sanctuary project in Birmingham

To Shelter the Homeless – Support the work of Hope4 in Rugby

To visit the sick – Pray for parishioners whose names feature in our weekly parish newsletter and consider if any would welcome a visit from you

To visit the imprisoned – Take the time to send messages of support and encouragement to Prisoners of Conscience

To bury the dead – Consider whether you might attend the funeral service of members of the parish who die.

These are just suggestions. You will have your own ways of demonstrating mercy in your daily lives.

March 2016

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