Live Simply Newsletter – December 2016

livesimply prayer
Compassionate and loving God,

you created the world for us all to share,
a world of beauty and plenty.
Create in us a desire to live simply,
so that our lives may reflect your generosity.
Creator God,
You gave us responsibility for the earth,
a world of riches and delight.
Create in us a desire to live sustainably,
So that those who follow after us
May enjoy the fruits of your creation.
God of peace and justice,
you give us the capacity to change,
to bring about a world that mirrors your wisdom.
Create in us a desire to act in solidarity,
so that the pillars of injustice crumble
and those now crushed are set free. Amen.

As the new year gets underway it is timely to remind ourselves of the liveSimply prayer and commit anew to resolutions to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves.

While New Year Resolutions may still be forming in your mind, how about considering how you can:
Live Simply
De-clutter – what do you really need? In sorting out cupboards, drawers, rooms you will not only feel better but also remind yourself about what you do not need and therefore resist replacing.
Live Sustainably
Commit to meat-free days each week / eat more vegetables. A healthy move and worth noting that the methane produced by cattle has an effect on the climate. Roughly 18 per cent of greenhouse gases are caused by livestock farming.
Walk more – if health permits, think about walking rather than driving to the shops or to church. It will be better for you and better for the environment.
Recycle unwanted clothing – shops such as H&M, M&S, Uniqlo and others have schemes in place allowing customers to recycle clothing bought from their stores. M&S, for example, works with Oxfam on a clothing recycling initiative and has Shwop drop boxes in most stores.
Act in Solidarity
fairtrade_logoBe more enquiring about the production/supply process behind where the food you eat most often or the clothing you buy most frequently comes from. A host of organisations now provide this kind of information, including the Fairtrade Foundation and Ethical Consumer. Gen up and then tell your friends. Consumers acting collectively can drive change.
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