Live Simply Newsletter – July 2015


pope-francis_2541160blivesimply prayer
Compassionate and loving God,
you created the world for us all to share,
a world of beauty and plenty.
Create in us a desire to live simply,
so that our lives may reflect your generosity.

Now is the time of year when, perhaps more than others, we set off to explore “the world for us to share”.  By now decisions about where holidays will be taken, how to get there and what to do once there will probably have been made. But, as the holiday season stretches ahead for a few weeks yet, especially for those with children, there’s an opportunity to put liveSimply into action.


The impact on our climate of all forms of mechanised transport is something we should all be more aware of.  The good thing about driving on holiday is that your car is likely to be full with passengers, which helps your CO2 rating.  A recent study by Ethical Consumer magazine looking at various forms of transport found that cars, buses, trains and planes scored better when they had full passenger loads.  Coaches and long-distance buses had the best rating, followed by local buses, whereas short-haul international flights had the poorest rating.

Perhaps not for your holiday but more generally, if you’re not travelling with a full load, why not consider car sharing (;

Walking is best, though, so once you reach your destination or if staying at home, choose to walk as much as possible…if health and mobility permit.


It’s always wise to have a bottle of water with you, especially in hot weather.  If you are in a country where tap water is safe to drink, then fill a bottle with water from the tap rather than buying bottled water. You’ll save money and cut down on waste and recycling costs, assuming that country actually recycles plastic.


If you have younger children, why not make the postcards part of the holiday fun. Take some plain card with you, have the children draw/paint their holiday view on one side and pen a short message, plus address to friends and family on the other side.  It may buy you a few welcome quieter moments, if nothing else!

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